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Kenshinkai Shorin Ryu Karatedo

Updated December 2017

Kenshinkai Shorin Ryu Karatedo

I started karate in 1981 in Kristiansand Karate Club.
My Sensei was Gunnar Nordahl (6th. Dan black belt).
Sensei Nordahl left Kristiansand in 1996, and some years
later the style changed and I moved to Vaagsbygd Karate Club.

I am now a member and instructor in Vaagsbygd Karate Club.
My Sensei in Vaagsbygd is Terje Aardal (7th. Dan black belt).
He is also the leader of Shorin Ryu Karate Association Norway.
Vaagsbygd Karate Club is our main dojo in Norway with over 300 members.

My grade is 6th. Dan black belt (12 December 2017)
(Shorin Ryu and NKF certified)


Our "overseas" Sensei is Tsutom Watanabe (7th. Dan black belt)
He lives in Montreal, Canada. He visits us every year and has done so since 1981.
Montreal Karate Club.

Our main dojo (Honbu dojo) in Japan is
Nippon Shorin Ryu Karatedo Kenshinkai (In Fukuoka, Japan).
Honbu dojo is under the command of Sensei/Shihan Toshiyuki Yoshitake, 7th. Dan black belt.

****** Affiliated Shorin Ryu web sites ******

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Vaagsbygd Karate Club

Home page of the Shorin Ryu club in Sogne.
Karate-klubben Sor

Home page of the Shorin Ryu club in Grimstad.
Grimstad Karateklubb

Home page of the Shorin Ryu club in Arendal.
Tyholmen Karateklubb

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Home page of Montreal Karate Club (Canada).
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****** Mpg/Avi/Wmv ******

A demo/show fight with my wife and me.

A little fighting with my kids. (December 2009)
Me doing some Hollywood kicking (2003) 1,6 Mb.
My wife Janne (1 kyu) in semi contact competition (2004) 340 Kb.
Janne (1 kyu) Fighting in the Dojo (2004) 2,5 Mb.

A few small movs (2 mb each) of me fighting with Karate friends in the dojo (2006)
Fighting in dojo-1... Fighting in dojo-2... Fighting in dojo-3... Fighting in dojo-4
Fighting in dojo-5... Fighting in dojo-6... Fighting in dojo-7... Fighting in dojo-8

Parents and kids fighting

****** Pictures ******

Virginia 1997 Virginia 1997
Sparring with my first Sensei Gunnar Nordahl. (Visiting him in Virginia 1997)

Check out our new dojo - New in 2009

****** More pictures below ******

Move mouse coursor over the pictures to get tekst info in the picture galleries
Pictures from the early days
Visiting Montreal 1992
Visiting Georges dojo in Montreal 1992
Visiting Steve Coulls dojo in Vermont 1992
Visiting Montreal 1993
Sensei T. Watanabe visiting Kristiansand 1995
Steve Coull and Jason visiting Kristiansand november 1995
Kristiansand Karate Club 1996
Sensei T. Watanabe in Kristiansand 1997
Visiting Sensei G. Nordahl in Centreville, Virginia 1997
Sensei T.Watanabe visiting Karate-klubben Sor 2002
Sensei T.Watanabe visiting Kristiansand 2002
Sensei T.Watanabe and Mark visiting Kristiansand 2003
Visiting Sensei T.Watanabe in Montreal 2003
Sensei T.Watanabe, Mario and Mark visiting Kristiansand 2004

Sensei T.Watanabe visiting Kristiansand 2005
Sensei T.Watanabe visiting Kristiansand april 2006
17. May parade Kristiansand 2007
Sensei T.Watanabe and Paulo visiting Mandal 2007
Sensei T.Watanabe and Paulo visiting Kristiansand 2007
Sensei T.Watanabe visiting Kristiansand 2008
The 2009 Shorin Ryu Karate Championships
Sensei T.Watanabe visiting Norway 2009
A day in the Dojo - 2009
Sensei T.Watanabe visiting Norway 2011
Sensei T.Watanabe visiting Norway 2012
Shorin Ryu championship 2019
Sensei T.Watanabe, George & Marta visiting Norway 2019
Sensei T.Watanabe, George & Marta boat trip 2019
Karate camp - Sensei Watanabe visiting Kristiansand 2022

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