- Roadtrip in the wagon -
Hwy-9 to E-134 to hwy-520 back to E-134 to hwy-41

Photos by Hans Tore Tangerud

Getting ready for today's hike.

Our plan is to follow that small river to where it begins.

So nice!!
Down here there's a new waterfall every hundred metres.

Another one!!
I'm out of the count.

A curious lemming!

And another waterfall!

Looking back to where we came from!

Still a long way to go to find out where the river starts, but not giving it up! :-)

Heard strange noises in the grass, baby lemmings.

Found us a lunch place.

At the top where the river starts.
Took us 4 hours to get here, so just the trip back to the car left, should go much faster downhill.