Roadtrip 2021
Dovrefjell - Rondane - Jotunheimen

Photos by Hans Tore Tangerud

Loaded and ready to go! :-)
Heading out in the evening, trying to get as close as possible to where we will be for most of the week.

On our list of things to do is: A few bicycle trips, a mountain ridge, a beautiful river and exploring on backroads.

Drove for about 6 hours.
Found a campground just to sleep. Too dark for photos...

Good morning.
Breakfast for Caprice! :-)

Found a nice breakfast place by the river that had old rock carvings.

Old train station Etna. No trains going here anymore.
This strech was opened in 1904 and was closed down in 1989.
Maybe a cool place to go for a hike? 165 kilometres of abandoned tracks.