- Konsmo, Norway -
Out looking for a World War 2 (1943) B-17 crash site

Photos by Hans Tore Tangerud

Finally in the correct valley.
Saw some rust outside an old house and had to stop!

Howly cow what a find!!!!
Supercool!! Can't believe it!!!
Always stop when you see rusty stuff!!!
If you read the info text in picture gallery 1 you will understand what we got here!!.

Oh yeah!!

Lunch, then off to the crash site.

Heading to where we think the B-17 crashed.
Then we met some people staying at a cabin that told us it was at the west side of the lake.
That was not what the locals told us, they said east. Well, since those at the cabin said they had seen aircraft parts on the west side we went there first.

All we could find on this side of the lake was this stainless steel part that looks to be from one of the engines.
We also found a sign that said the crash site is at the other side of the lake, and that this part most likely fell off the plane before the crash and ended up here.

Hmmmm!! Torleiv. :-)

This road leads to that farm where the B-17 almost hit the barn and crashed.

And that has to be the old farm.

The barn.
This is a never smaller barn built on parts of the old foundation.
You can see the rest of the barn foundation to the right, that big three is now groing where the old barn used to be.

Then we knocked on the door and met the grandson.
He was happy to show us around and share some of his family history.
So grateful that he spent the time with us and so exited I forgot to ask his name... Anyway if you see this. Thank you very very much!!! :-)

Inside the cabin.

Hooks to hang clothes on are made from the plane's ammunition.

The crew member that got to seek shelter at the farm was John Geegee.
He was a Top Turret Gunner/Engineer. The room in the picture below is were he stayed while at the farm.

Then off to see if we can find some pieces of the plane.
Again we were warned that there was not much left since the plane was brought down to the nearby village for the value of the metal.

Did not find a whole lot more than this.

He told us he would show us a piece of the plane that was a bit hidden and took us to the well.
It turned out that the roof on the well was made out of a large piece from one of the plane wings.

Went back to the farm to check out some written documentation from the actual event.

A family member of the planes 1. Pilot Joseph Francis Thornton visited the farm back in 2012 and had a book made about his war years.

Landing location of nine crew members. The tenth crew member jumped earlier an is on another map that I forgot to take a picture of. :-(

Heading home, but first a short visit to Konsmo sentrum to look at an information board about the plane crash.

Those aluminum wheels again! Good idea to use them like this.