Checking out a 1978 Camaro for sale

Photo by Hans Tore Tangerud

A friend wants a Camaro and asked me to come along as it will be his first american car.
Drove to Lillestrøm (5 hour one way) to check out this announced 1979 Camaro that to me looks more like a '78.
First hint of this was the dash that had curved instrument cluster, not so in '79.

Picture of the car is from the ad.
It was not at all as expected, actually so shocked I forgot to take pictures.
Main task here was to convince my friend not to buy this one.
Pictures lie, and buyer and seller often have different ideas about what good condition means. :-)

It had a ton of body filler, my magnet wouldn't even stick on the B-pillar, between side and back windows.
It had a floor mounted shifter, but indicator for it (not working) in the instrument cluster. So it once had a
column shifter and most likely came from the factory with an inline six engine. This was just a small portion of issues I found.

So we left without buying.

Saw this one in the neighbourhood.

On our way back we visited Harley Davidson Vestfold and Phoenix US Cars.

Check out this supercool custom build by Harley-Davidson Vestfold.

At Phoenix US Cars. (Again) :-)
They got new stuff coming in regularly, so always interesting to visit.

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