1978 Chevrolet Corvette

- 1978 Chevrolet Corvette -

2014 pictures and work log

11 March 2014
Got the springtime feeling.
Out for a "warm-up lap".

Just restored the oil barrel and the pump. New paint and new decals.

19 April 2014
Installing acoustic sound mats behind "all" panels.
Roof and a-pillar panels, "trunk" and on the floor.

22 April 2014
Afternoon ride on a few backroads.

29 May 2014
Replacing the wheels, trying out another combination.
Doing this because we have a problem with the car not going straight/holding it's lane. It moves
around following the grooves in the road. A common problem with wide wheels/tires on our crappy norwegian roads.

The wheels and tires that we are putting on is the original steel wheels that came with my '75 convertible.
Dimentions are 225/70X15. The problem wheels were 245/60X15. Not extremely wide, but still a problem on this car.
Some of our Corvette friends suggested that we tried this. Said it did magic to their Corvettes, so we just had to try this out.

True, it did magic to the car, problem solved.
It goes straight and doesn't move around anymore. Can't believe the big difference!

28 July 2014
Off for a dip in the ocean.