2003 Harley-Davidson Sportster

2017 pictures and work log

***** 19 April - 2017 *****

First ride of the season

***** 20 September - 2017 *****

Around & About

***** 01 November - 2017 *****

At C&G Motorcycle Stuff.
Installing "Fork Boots". Mostly for the looks.
C&G has a nice "do it yourself" spot in their garage.

A little C&G stuff!

My "snap" on/off passenger setup.

***** 02 November - 2017 *****

"Fabricating" a new front fender.
I plan to have a larger/wider front tire when the current one is worn out.
Need to fabricate new brackets to make that fit. Bought a used Softail fender that I will modify.
Getting help from my danish friend, he has all the tools and the skills to fabricate all kinds of stuff!

I think he forgot to take his medicine this morning!

Test fitting it.
I will not install until I put a wider tire on.

***** 16 November - 2017 *****

Another modification coming up, with a little help from "The Dane".
I never liked the way the battery and the electronics box looked, (Left side).
Trying to make a one piece cover. Will also try to make a "toolbag" bracket on it.

No, too big!

Looks a lot better.

***** 30 November - 2017 *****

Didn't like that sticker. Changed to a smaller one!