Roadtrip to Stadlandet, Norway

Photos by Hans Tore Tangerud


There's another waterfall nearby so we are heading/walking over to that one too.

And we are on a part of the old King's Road (Kongeveien).
Asphalt was not on the original road, but this section has it and I don't know why.
But I think it's like this because this must have been the main road here before todays new "tunnel system" road.

We are not exploring this section of the road this time, today we are here just to get to that waterfall.

That's a fjord. Check the height we are at a little later.
Quite a climp for that old wagon. Doesn't want to go too fast up those mountains! :-)


Going back down to sea level and the brakes will have to work hard along with the gearbox!!

Back at sea level and we need a ferry to cross the fjord.

Back on the road.
Heading for Dalsøren camping where we will meet some of our HOG friends.

Camping supper.