Roadtrip to Stadlandet, Norway

Photos by Hans Tore Tangerud

Today we will be by the seaside.
Doing all roads on the island Vågsøy and visiting a nice lighthouse.
But first a small WWII fort that I just found, it's on a 20 min detour just before the bridge to Vågsøy/Måløy.

And we are in the middle of that fog!

Osmundsvåg WWII fort.

Got to get out of that fog!

You can see the bridge and the island Vågsøy to the right. That's were we are going.

Heading for the top of the island to get above the fog.
The lighthouse we planned to visit is in the thickest fog right now, the locals say fog will go away in a few hours.

Oh yeah!!!

The road to Kråkenes lighthouse.

Somewhere down there is the lighthouse.

Waiting for the fog to go away!

Getting better!

Clearing up!

Heading back to the car and driving to the lighthouse.

The land in front of us on the other side of the ocean is Stadlandet/Vestkapp.
It's the main goal of our roadtrip - Doesn't look that high, but the mountain top is 497 metres high.