- A week on the road! -
Hiking in Utladalen - Chopperfest in Tistedal - Right On in Fredrikstad

Photos by Hans Tore Tangerud

Click on map to see our route!

Tuesday morning and time for breakfast.
Weather will be bad today but good for the rest of the week.
So we are using this day to get close to our "hike destination", Utladalen.

"The Griswolds" ready for another roadtrip!

The sign said "Garage Sale" so I had to stop!

The white Rambler is for sale.

This "backyard" parts car is a part of the deal.

Spending the first night in Voss.

Due to the bad weather we decided to stay the first night at this old hotel.

Loved it! :-)

Yeah the sun is up!
Wednesday morning from the hotel room window.