1993 Jeep Cherokee

- 1993 Jeep Cherokee -

- 2019 Pictures -

----- January 2019 -----

New ignition parts.
Rotor, distributor cap, spark plugs & wires.
No issues with the old stuff, but it looked old.
Better to change before getting problems on the road.

Love the simple clean interior of our Cherokee!

It's white outside. I like it green! :-)

----- February 2019 -----

Around & about

----- March 2019 -----

Around & about

----- May 2019 -----

Cherokee stops while driving, waiting "half an hour" and it starts again.
I suspect that it's the fuel pump that are not working/working! Replacing it along with the fuel filter.
Couldn't get the pump module out without removing the tank from the car. Had to cut the bolts that hold the tank and order a new set. :-(

Just surface rust.
Adding rust protection stuff before putting it back.

Old Bosch pump.

The new Airtex pump.

Hmm, that was not the fix. It still stops now and then!
My parts supplier Phoenix Us Cars in Tønsberg suggests replacing the crank position sensor.
I have a spare coil that I will install too! Just in case. Also noticed that the fuel pump resistor looked crappy, ordered a new one.

Ignition coil!

Fuel pump resistor.

If this one fails the car will start, then shut down immediately.

New crank position sensor.
It's been running good after this was installed.