1975 Chevrolet Corvette convertible

- 1975 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray convertible -

2009 pictures and work log

28 February 2009
Giving the Corvette a breath of fresh air.
Can't wait for summer to arrive.

05 April 2009
Fresh air again :-)

12 April 2009
My new Pace Car wheels :-)
Bought from Corvette Store in DrÝbak, Norway.
Waiting for the center cap, lug nuts and the valve stems.
They will arrive late April. Then I will have to go shopping for new tires.

Remember my V8 barbecue?
First a few pictures to remind.

It proved to be a bit messy,
so now it's been transformed into a V8 porch table.

And here's a few garden pictures.
Just to let you know what's growing in a gearhead's garden.

03 June 2010
The latest garden updates. 1960 Pontiac.
I saw this car by the road and asked the owner if I could buy the rear fenders.
When he heard that I was to use them as garden decoration I got them for free.
Before I left he had this comment: "I guess your wife will be happy now" :-)

19 April 2009
Today I got an invitation to visit "my" Corvette mechanic, Christian Jensen.
Usually he is the one at the repair shop that helps me out when I don't have the right tools.
Christian and his Co-driver Andreas Marcussen just finished building their first rallye car.
This weekend they went to Stavanger for some hot racing. They finished second in their class.
The car, a 1992 Ford Sierra Cosworth 4x4 Turbo worked well all weekend. No failures at all.

So today Christian took me for a very interesting passenger seat test ride.
Seeing him fly by at high speeds as I was taking some hot action pictures made me a bit scared to enter the car.
Well, I was in for a very loud and fast ride, but Christian's controlled way of fast driving soon took the fear away.
Thank you Christian for a very cool and unforgettable experience. I am very impressed by your driving skills.

This picture is after the ride, and I don't look scared because I am a tough guy :-)

20 April 2009
Just a few pictures, again. :-)
And a new set of suitcases.

24 May 2009
New rear shock absorbers installed.
Just received my Pace Car spoiler. Plan is to paint it
flat black. To be installed when some extra time is avaliable.

13 June 2009
Suddenly I needed the rear bumper I purcased when I bought the car.
I bought it because the original urethane bumper had a few cracks on both top end corners.
Changing the shocks made the car a bit stiffer and also made the bumper disintegrate. I guess that
34 years old urethane bumper had lived it's life. My new rear bumper is fiberglass. My plan was to change it
after this season. Now I hope I can find someone to help prefit and paint so that my Corvette will look fresh this summer.

27 June 2009
Lucky me.
I found someone that DIDN'T have the time to help.
So this weekend we started to prefit, and paint will be on by the end of weekend.
My helper told I was very lucky with the fit on my new rear bumber unit, only small adjustments were necessary.
He has worked on several Corvettes and tells me that most aftermarket body panels needs a lot more attention than this one.

01 July 2009
Paint job finished.

24 July 2009

02 August 2009
Prefitting my new "pace car" spoiler.
I am not sure what colour to use.
Black, red? Any suggestions?
Maybe a combination?

03 August 2009
Is this a nice combination?
Black with red "frame" and what if I paint the Rocker moldings black as well?
Rocker moldings are the aluminum trim piece on the side of the car, below the door.
My new Pace car wheels will have the wheel caps with the corvette logo on black background.

12 August 2009
New front shocks.

12 August 2009
Pace car spoiler and rocker moldings black.
New pace car wheels.
Love it :-)

My red/black theme.

18 August 2009
New weatherstrip for the doors.

06 September 2009
A few more pictures.

27 September 2009
Tip of the day!
I have been struggeling to get the handbrake to apply even on both wheels.
I have lost count on how many times I have tried to adjust without success.
Then I got a tip from a mechanic. He told me that first I had to loosen the handbrake wire completely,
then adjust each wheel and finally tighten the handbrake wire again. Om my earlier attempts I did not loosen the wire.
Surely that was the cure, now the handbrake works perfect............................................................ Thanks a lot Per Egil :-)

21 November 2009
A few more pictures and restored L82 valve covers.
To be installed on my L48.

28 November 2009
New rubber seal for the convertible top.
Restored L82 valve covers installed.

26 December 2009
Winterland Corvette.